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Auntie Kirsty's is now at full capacity for walking, daycare and boarding, and we are currently unable to accommodate new clients for these services.


As you all know, I've been charging hourly for grooming since January - the first time I've done so.

Three months on, I'm really happy to say that all my clients have been maintaining their dogs' coats so well between grooms that I have been able to reduce my equipment maintenance costs. I know I bang on about it all the time, but I really do, do my job because I love it, and frankly, it doesn't feel good to be charging more than I need, especially when times are so tough for so many, so I feel it's only fair to pass that saving on to you.

Therefore, from 1st April 2024, the grooming price list will be as follows:

Up to 6 weekly... £28/hr

7+ weekly and all new clients... £30/hr

Thankyou all, as always, for your trust and support and for allowing me to love your dogs as much as you do!

From 1st January 2024, the way that Auntie Kirsty's Canine Care charges for grooming services is changing.

In the current financial climate, most of us are, understandably, having to make adjustments within our personal budgets as costs rise around us. Depending upon the breed you own, grooming can be categorised as a luxury or an essential, and we don't seem to get a lot of choice over how much we spend on essentials - until now. I will be introducing hourly rates across the board, regardless of breed or size, and will be removing some of the extra charges, such as matting and biting fees.

All currently available services will remain unchanged, and new services will be added. For example, a dry brush/comb will be added to the service list, as will a towel-dry after a bath, eye trim, ear clean, small matt/knot removal, and anything else that you think of that I can help with (except for anal gland expression).

The new price list is as follows:
4 week schedule ..... £28 per hour
5 week schedule and all new clients ..... £30 per hour
6 week schedule ..... £33 per hour
7 week schedule ..... £38 per hour
8 week schedule ..... £45 per hour
Anything over 8 weeks is not recommended and will be charged at £60 per hour

A 13kg cockerpoo currently on a 6 week schedule takes an average of 2hrs, and 95% of cases involve some degree of matting, averaging £10 in extra fees. The whole groom costs £55. Instead of waiting 6 weeks, let's say you bring them back for a coat check after 4 weeks. This allows me to put hands on the coat, pinpoint any areas that need attention, treat those areas appropriately (ie. by brushing, removing burrs or bits from woodland walks, trimming one or two claws, etc). Let's say this takes me 30mins, at a cost of £14. You then have another 4 weeks to book a full groom (effectively stretching your 6 week schedule to 8 weeks, reducing the time the full groom takes because the coat is well maintained, and eliminating the matting fee. I am currently averaging 1hr 30mins for a cockerpoo this size, who is well behaved and well-maintained. This would bring your total groom cost to £42). Including the 4 week coat check, the total cost to you is £56 over 8 weeks, rather than £55 every 6 weeks.

You've had an unexpected bill this week but your spaniel's groom is due, and you need to reassign some of your budget, but they've already had their 4 week coat check and really need a bath after a muddy woodland walk. It's summer and it's hot, what can we do? I will suggest a bath, brush and comb with just a towel-dry. It's hot out so they're not going to be at risk of hypothermia, and not using the electric dryer will cut at least 30-45mins off the service time - spaniel ears in particular take forever to dry!

You have a nervous cockerpoo who hates the grooming process with a passion, gets stressed and bites without warning when they've had enough. Why try to put them through a full groom every 6 weeks, where they're likely to incur matting fees and extra charges for biting the groomer, and become more and more scared of the process? Book in every 4 weeks, we work on a bit at a time (ie. legs one session, body and tail, then head on the third session), and only as much as they can cope with. Only here for 30mins one week, an hour the next, and 20mins the third time? No problem, I will only charge for the time I'm working, and will never charge for a full groom if I don't deliver a full groom, even if the whole 2 hours is booked out.

Of course, you are welcome to stick to your current schedule if you prefer; the hourly rates in all cases reflect my time and skills, products used, running costs such as heat and water, and maintenance of my equipment.

I hope this is helpful to everyone and makes grooming services more accessible for everybody. I will also be adding some complimentary services to show my appreciation for your continued support of myself and my small business.


Grooming clients can now book online

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