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Meet Auntie Kirsty

Welcome to Auntie Kirsty's Canine Care!

Although the business is fairly new, I have been a dog owner for years and an animal lover all my life. There are few things better in life than spending the day surrounded by dogs, getting out into the fresh air, and finishing the day covered in paw prints and dog hair!

I don't just enjoy having the dogs around for company; I love to interact with them - to run with them in the park, paddle with them in the sea, to play mental stimulation and puzzle games, and to train basic commands.

I love to take care of anxious dogs and watch them gain confidence and grow into their place in the pack environment; I love to watch dogs interacting with each other, learning to enjoy each other's company. Some dogs are happy to just co-exist with the others and some want to play non-stop. Every dog is different and every dog has something unique to teach me which means I'm able to constantly improve how I care for each one.

There are many people who dream of doing a job they love, that can only imagine how it feels to be excited to start work as soon as they wake up in the morning.... I count myself incredibly lucky that I've been able to realise my dream.

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